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                                                              My Little BBQ Menu


                                  We Cater for  Weddings  and Special Event  


                                                                    Appetizers :

      Jalapeno Pepper Poppers - filled with seasoned  cream cheese, cheddar cheese wrapped in bacon

      Moinks  -  Beef meatballs (Moo) - seasoned  stuffed with blue cheese or mozzarella                  cheese wrapped  in bacon  (oinks), glazed in our Sweet n Spicy BBQ Sauce   

     Fresh Veggie Tray -  In season veggies,  carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, celery, bell peppers,  cucumbers , olives , baby corn, with Ranch  Dip or Spinach dip

    Okie Smokey - Little Smokey wrapped in Maple Bacon, Seasoned with our own special Spices and glazed in our Sweet n Spicy sauce


                                                         Salads :

     Southern Cabbage Slaw- Cabbage, tomatoes, bell peppers in sweet vinegar dressing.

     Spring Green Salad Mix -  with Green Apples, sprinkled with Gorgonzola cheese & Sugared Walnuts in   Pomegranate Vinaigrette Dressing.   

    Romaine Lettuce with English Cucumber, Tomato, Romano Cheese & Croutons in Ranch or Cesar Dressing  

   Potato Salad or Macaroni Salad - Traditional Style

    Fresh Fruit  - Salad with in season fruits

   4 Bean Salad- Green , Yellow, Garbanzo & Red Kidney Beans in Sweet Vinaigrette Dressing.

                                                                  Sides :

   Smoked Mac & Cheese:     Mac at its Best, rich in , Cheese, Cream  & Butter

   Smoked Baked Beans :      Sweet and full of Bacon, Seasoning, with a hint of smokey goodness

   Cowboy Beans :     Pinto Beans, Bacon, Onions, Jalapeno's  & Spices in a juicy sauce

   Chili Beans :   all I can say us YUM

   Green Beans  :  with Onions & Bacon or Almonds & lemon pepper

   Corn on the Cob :    In season : served as half cob with Butter

  *  Southwest Wild Rice :  A Blend of Brown, Red, Wild Rice with red Wheat Berry, Mushrooms, Water Chestnuts ,green chilis, tomatoes, onions, black beans and special seasonings.

                   ****.Vegetarian has no meat product added *****


                                                              Entres :

   Smoked Chicken Quarters:    ( Thigh & Leg section) Mild Seasoning ( Award Winning)

   Smoked Half Chickens :   Mild Seasoning or BBQ Sauce

   Beef Brisket : Marinated in our special marinade ( Award Winning)

   Pulled Pork :   Applewood  seasoning  and  our  own secret seasoning

   Pork  Ribs :  ,seasoned in our own Rubs  & Sauce. 

   Smoked Ham - Whole or Half  

   Smoked Whole Turkeys



                                                                 Special Order :

                                              Whole  Smoked Hog ,  Beef Tri- Tip,

                                 Vegetarian items available  Please ask about  options


                                                                       Bread :

  Pioneer Rolls ( Deli Sandwich Style), Slider rolls, Dinner Rolls or French Bread & Butter, or Homemade Corn  Bread with Honey Butter




                                                     Big and Little Kids Menu: 

                           Hot Dogs, Polish Sausage, German Sausage, Hot Links, with all the trim,

                                        Home made Chili  & Cheddar Cheese Nachos


                                        PIGLET CONE  and PIG DADDY CONE

Try our Waffle Cone filled with our Own   Smoked Mac- N - Cheese on the bottom, next is Pulled Pork  then topped with our Southern Coleslaw and a drizzle of our own Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce. 

                                     Piglet for Little Kids and Pig Daddy for Big Kids.

                                                                      Yum !!!!!!!!!!!


                                           Our own - My Little BBQ Sauces:

  Sweet-n-Spicy (Med Hot), Kansas City Style, (Mild),Spicy Blackberry (Med Hot), Sweet-n-Mild Blackberry (Mild)

 Hickory Smoked - (Med Hot) & Lexington Dipping Sauce- (Vinegar, Apple Juice & Chili Sauce mix) Traditional North  Carolina Style Best on Pulled Pork.

                               Your order includes  your choice of " My Little BBQ" Sauces listed above


                                                  What Will My Meal Include:

   1,2 or 3  Meat Choice (s), 1 Salad, 2 Side Dishes, 1 Bread  & Drinks (Lemonade & Ice Tea)

               Add $75.00 for Appetizers of Moinks Or Poppers up to minimum of 66 guests.

                 If you would like  Appetizers add $1.00 per person for Moinks  OR  Poppers

                                     additional  Sides or Salad or Veggie or Fruit Tray  Add $60.00 per item  

                                                    Pepsi products add $.50 per person.


                               WE HAVE A MINIMUM CHARGE UP TO 66 GUESTS 

                                          SINGLE MEAT OPTION OF  $1122. 00

                                      2 MEAT OPTION OF  $1254.00

                                               3 MEAT OPTION OF  $1386.00   


                                        Add $2.00 Per Person for Ribs per Entree


                                                          Single Meat choice is $17.00 per plate          

                                                         Combo (2) Meat choice $19.00 per Plate

                                                         Combo (3) Meat choice $21.00 per plate


                             Miscellaneous: Extra charge items we can supply

                        Our price List is Per Plate depending on the Food options your choose.

 Additional charge for place settings of  Premium Plastic  Plates, Knives, Forks, Spoons, Napkins & clear Cups, Add $3.50 per person.

                   If you want buffet line servers a $50.00 charge for each addtional server will be charged

                               We serve a  Buffet Style Service and refill the as trays get low 

                             All left over food will be yours and we will package for you to take home


                                             Deposit and Refund Policy:

We request a total head count 3 days before your event and we will bill on that amount, We do charge a travel Fee for any event over 30 miles.  We request a deposit of half down at the time of booking your event with balance due on or before the day of the event.  If for some unforeseen reason you decide to cancel, 40 % of your deposit will be refunded if your cancellation is more than 60 days before the event date. If you cancel within 60 day of the event date there is no refund.

Full payment of balance is due the day of the event, We accept Visa, MC, Discover Card, American Express, Checks or Cash.   

                               Gratuity is appreciated but not required


We use High Quality Meats and Fresh Produce, with our own recipes for our Dry Rubs & BBQ Sauces.

Our slow cook process takes up to 12 hours to insure the best flavor in combination with our Apple wood, Pear wood & Oak wood smoke.

We will bring our Smoker to your site to cook for the full effect of the BBQ or we can bring just that wonderful BBQ to your table ready to eat.    ......OR BOOK OUR RESTAURANT IN BUTTE FALLS FOR YOUR EVENT..THE OLD STEAM ENGINE BARBEQUE visit our website  


Please contact us to book your event as soon as possible to insure your date, deposit required at booking.



                                          Trish Callahan -     541-778-9302